Fairplane: A Case Study

FairPlane is a business that stands up for passenger rights in cases of late, cancelled, or overbooked flights. Fairplane approached IntiqoLab about custom aviation software solutions to automate their processes. They also needed to import a vast amount of flight data quickly and securely.

Our developers created software that allowed for near-real-time processing of all flight movements over Europe. IntiqoLab also made numerous internal and external systems for different departments, such as accounting and online banking. Fairplane received custom user interfaces, data management solutions, and easy-to-use templates. In short, Fairplane is able to better manage passenger claims from sign-in to settlement.

IntiqoLab was an essential partner in transaction processing for FairPlane. Their new system efficiently adapts to their processes and has largely automated day to day to day tasks. Passenger claims are handled faster and more conveniently than ever, resulting in high customer satisfaction.

Testimonial By Fairplane

“The solution provided by IntiqoLab allows us to transact our core business quickly and efficiently and provide our customers with smooth service. Implementation was professional, cooperative, and results-oriented.”

Sabrina Sumser
Managing Director, FairPlane

Improve Operations & Customer Experience

Businesses rely on software for everyday operations and sales. But when off-the-shelf software doesn’t quite meet your needs, custom software solutions offer a competitive advantage in the marketplace. IntiqoLab develops tailored software and mobile applications that drive results.

This includes the ability to give customers a better buying experience. So if you sell products or services, we can build eCommerce software that helps customers find what they need quickly and efficiently. Our developers can also create solutions specific to your workflow. For example, a custom mobile application can help managers prioritize projects, assign tasks, and view updates in real time. This helps your organization save valuable time and resources. 

Neotel: A Case Study

NeoTel’s clients, telecommunications companies, requested a desktop application running on both Microsoft and Apple operating systems, a FAT-client development application, and a Virtual Fax Driver (VFD). They also needed integrated solutions for customer pricing, billing, and invoicing as well as sending and receiving faxes online. 

IntiqoLab’s custom software allows NeoTel customers to easily send and receive faxes, forward faxes, and monitor all online actions. The tailor-made solution contributed substantially to the success of NeoTel by expanding their service portfolio with value-added services, integrating seamlessly with their existing processes, and facilitating cost savings due to high level of automation.

Testimonial By Neotel

“Together with IntiqoLab, we have developed a highly functional, easy to use tool as part of our integrated solution for telecom companies — and we were extremely pleased with the cooperation.”

Walter Schober
CEO, NeoTel

Custom Software For Any Industry

IntiqoLab achieves your company’s goals by identifying your development needs and matching you with the right talent. Our Case Studies show you the value we provide for our clients on a daily basis. For more information on building your business by developing a powerful custom software application, give us a call today.

No matter how your business functions, our developers build strategic software and mobile apps that easily fit into your current systems. All of this and more is achievable with IntiqoLab. 

Sberbank: A Case Study

Sberbank is the largest bank in Russia and the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS), and is the principal shareholder of Sberbank Europe. Sberbank Europe is made up of nine universal banks under one roof, with its headquarters in Vienna, Austria. The bank group operates close to 280 branches and employs approximately 4,500 staff.

In the course of modernizing its systems, Sberbank had to introduce a new, equitable rating system for its private and micro-customers to ensure business continuity across all nine countries. The custom software covers the essential elements needed to guarantee a uniform approach. It features multilingual user interfaces for data input, intuitive navigation, a rating algorithm which can be maintained by risk managers, multi-client capability, and international rollout.

The solution from IntiqoLab offers Sberbank a more standardized and highly effective approach to online ratings, all at a low cost. 

Testimonial By Sberbank

“We are very impressed by IntiqoLab’s ability to deliver solutions that thoroughly meet our expectations in terms of quality, time to market and price!”

David O'Mahony
CIO / COO, Sberbank

Grid Systems, llc: A Case Study

Grid Systems, LLC provides community management services, working with condominiums and Homeowners Associations throughout the U.S. They required custom property management software able to handle dozens of communities in one database. 

IntiqoLab created a modern web application to manage complicated workflows, including postal package processing and controlling visitor access. Interaction between applications was implemented in a secure way via APIs, protected by SSL and certificate authentication. Other features: 

• Functionality configuration (on/ off settings) per community
• Amazon AWS as hosting system dramatically improved the running costs and rollout of new servers
• Automatic build and deploy via TeamCity eliminated manual tasks 

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