Custom Database Solutions

For many companies, good data management has become not only an advantage, but a necessity. The choice now lies between adopting a cutting-edge data strategy and falling behind your competitors. Our custom database solutions help you store, manage, and analyze large amounts of data. IntiqoLab gives you the tools you need to help you make important enterprise decisions, no matter how much data you’re working with.


One of the leading providers of cloud-based and on-premises solutions for big data and analytics. We use Oracle’s tools to import, ingest, clean, standardize and enrich enterprise data. 

Microsoft SQL

Database management system that enhances business apps with data-driven insights. Microsoft SQL Server uses the coding language SQL as its foundation with a number of proprietary extensions. 


Power your business using the most comprehensive set of features and management tools. MySQL offers form and function so that you can achieve high levels of security, reliability, and uptime. 


The world’s most advanced open source database. Recent versions of PostgreSQL have included features for users to work with big data. This means you can manage and index higher amounts of data. 


Unlock the potential of your data and grow as much as you want. IBM Db2 has industry leading performance to adapt to your changing needs while integrating with multiple other platforms.


Access data where you need it. Store data safely, on your servers, or with any cloud provider. Web and native apps are compatible with CouchDB while maintaining high performance.  


A popular choice because performance is high even in low-memory environments. SQLite has a worldwide reputation for being reliable and compatible with most platforms.


Superior performance while handling large volumes of structured or unstructured data. NoSQL encompasses a variety of database technologies that meet today’s modern application needs. 


One of the fastest NoSQL databases. Redis has grown quickly because of its incredible performance and how it structures data. Allows for maximum uptime with minimal user disruption. 

Data Warehouse

Data warehouses perform analytics in a fast and efficient manner. IntiqoLab works to understand your analysis requirements and designs a data warehouse solution to meet them. 

Big Data

The world is increasingly driven by analytics, but is your organization overwhelmed with large volumes of untapped data? We help you manage multiple data sources for analysis and profit.

Custom Solutions

Are you in need of a custom database solution? We can create a data management program to help you reduce IT costs. Contact our team to assess your project and make recommendations.  

Custom Database Solutions

Database experts are a crucial asset for any business that wants to work with, store, process, and extract value from big data. It may seem easy to get up and running with a number of short-term solutions. If you’re in this for the long run, however, you need a solution that’s scalable and capable of growing alongside your organization.

One thing is clear: If you’re looking to incorporate database solutions into your own workflow, you’ll definitely be in good company. Before you try to tackle your big data problems alone, you should consult with experts who understand your situation and objectives. IntiqoLab will work with you to find a custom database solution that’s tailor-made to fit your business model.

Real Customers, Real Stories

Your success is our success. IntiqoLab is your partner in custom software development, software project management, and dedicated development.

We understand the challenges presented by today’s diverse and mobile workforce. Our developers design software and applications that solve your pressing issues to save you time and resources. All solutions fit seamlessly into your current processes. Click here to see how IntiqoLab can meet your goals and drive innovation in your company.


  • In IntiqoLab, we have found a reliable long-term partner who understands our requirements in detail. IntiqoLab assists us with the quality and flexibility needed to meet the expectations of the bank and our customers.

    Johann Krach
    Head of Product Development
  • Together with IntiqoLab, we have developed a highly functional, easy to use tool as part of our integrated solution for telecom companies — and we were extremely pleased with the cooperation.

    Walter Schober
  • We are very impressed by IntiqoLab’s ability to deliver solutions that thoroughly meet our expectations in terms of quality, time to market and price!

    David O'Mahony
    CIO / COO

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