Software QA and Testing

IntiqoLab knows that delays can be costly. This is why we have an independent in-house team that handles Quality Assurance tasks. While your dedicated team develops, our software QA and testing experts review items such as design, source code, and any integrations related to your project. This seamless process affords a quick turnaround time so you can bring your product to market as soon as possible.

Documentation Testing

At the beginning of the development process, documentation outlines how the software should function in real life. This includes all of the software and application requirements. Once your final product is created, our team follows up with these documents to ensure all requirements are met. 

Unit Testing

This is one of the most basic types of testing done at the developer level. In this phase we test individual units, or components, of code to verify that each feature is working as expected in isolation. This helps reduce the number of overall bugs when the software is ready for release. 

Functional Testing

Functional testing is a type of “Black Box Testing”, or testing without viewing the source code or the internal workings of the application. The test is done from the viewpoint of the end user. Functional testing is helpful for verifying the accessibility and basic usability of the final product. 

Regression Testing

Are new features breaking older ones? During the development process, modifications and changes to the original plan are expected. In a regressions test, IntiqoLab’s developers make sure that newer functions do not produce unexpected results, bugs, or impose poorly on older features. 

Integration Testing

Once it’s determined that individual modules work correctly on their own, integration testing allows you to see how each module of the program reacts with everything else. This type of testing occurs because sometimes we can’t always predict how functions work as a group. 

System Testing

IntiqoLab tests software in different working environments, operating systems, and hardware. By the time you get to system testing, you should have a complete product. This focuses on overall performance, how the software is going to be used, and what kind of issues it will face in the real world. 

Lifecycle Quality Assurance

What is lifecycle QA? At IntiqoLab, we have created a culture where Quality Assurance occurs not after the development process, but during. Once we gather the software or application requirements, we set up QA throughout the “lifecycle” of the product. From design to implementation to maintenance and support, our team’s got you covered.

Testing is one of the most operationally important steps in Quality Assurance. Without testing, even the smallest error could represent a huge loss for your organization. This is why software QA and testing may look a little different for each of our clients. Every project is unique, so we develop custom tests in our search for any potential bugs or other issues. Our QA managers and testing professionals have the experience to give your users the best possible experience while meeting your standards for functionality and reliability.

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