Dedicated Software Development

IntiqoLab offers you a dedicated software development team that can be adjusted for size based on your needs. And if requirements change, resources can be easily switched on or off. Developers with specific skillsets can work on an as-needed basis or remain part of your regular in-house team. Our flexible engagement model allows you retain full control over project management and scheduling according to your priorities. Either way, dedicated programmers are integrated into your corporate structure and work exclusively for you.

Top Experts on Demand

When you need specific skills to resolve a problem, local availability is limited. IntiqoLab allows you to choose developers based on their skill sets, no training needed. Pick dedicated experts from our vast talent pool. 

Complete Flexibility

Developers can work closely with your employees or independently. Use dedicated teams for a specific project, or on a short term or long term basis. You choose how to use developers without a long hiring process or downsizing. 

Constant Communication

Receive regular communications and project status updates from your dedicated developers. IntiqoLab’s processes are completely transparent, allowing developers to stay within your timeline and budget requirements.

Team Scalability

If you have plans to grow in your future, dedicated developers are the way to go. Our services are scalable, so don’t allow a lack of resources to hamper your company’s growth. IntiqoLab allows you to increase or decrease teams as needed. 

Save Time

We handle the hiring and selection process of developers to save you time and resources. Dedicated teams can begin on your project right away, offering you a faster time to market and giving you an edge over your competition. 

Save Money

With dedicated developers, you don’t need to spend resources on hiring, housing, or equipment. IntiqoLab gives you pricing options based on your needs. Choose between on shore or off shore developers to stay in your budget.

Hire Dedicated Developers

IntiqoLab offers you teams of custom software developers, programmers, business analysts, QA professionals, UI/UX designers, and more. We know that with just the right team, you can achieve success. Knowledgeable in a variety of programming languages and platforms, custom developers understand your organization’s goals to deliver projects on time and on budget. We offer a high level of transparency, flexibility, and scalability.

Build your own dedicated software development team with highly qualified specialists. IntiqoLab works with developers who combine technology, innovation, and experience to complete projects of any size and scope. Stay connected to your teams through phone, email, or IM. Our highly skilled developers are committed to working with you, reporting to you, and innovating your company with their extensive experience.

Choose from the experts. IntiqoLab pairs you with dedicated developers and programmers who work exclusively for you. This saves you from large overhead costs, salaries, benefits, and other in-house fees. Our services minimize costs, maximize profits, and keep you ahead of the competition.

Real Customers, Real Stories

“We needed to create a new Android application to manage our network of hundreds of technicians. It was aimed at guaranteeing workflow and information consistency, replacing traditional portal and email solutions. It needed to have a friendly user interface since our people are typically not tech-savvy… we worked with other firms but weren’t happy with the results. We started looking for a local partner in Florida that could provide better service and allow us to discuss the project.

“We met with IntiqoLab several times in order to go over the details and refine the scope of work. IntiqoLab stood out through the quality of their proposal, the resources made available, price, and the overall impression that they could do the job.

“The app is stable and reliable and has no major technical complaints around compatibility with new devices. It’s useful in allowing us to migrate tasks, which was done through email previously, with mutual satisfaction from our technicians and us.”

Our solutions are reliable, secure, and made with you in mind.
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